Personal Legal

personal legal

Based on the results of research and the growing need of South Africans to be legally empowered, this product was developed in 2000 and provides individuals with an accessible and affordable legal alternative where none had previously existed.

Cover Provided:

Our insurance product provides the individual with the following legal benefits:

  • Advice - 24 hour legal telephonic advice service, a direct legal consultation service, standard legal contracts service
  • Mediation - Occurs when the legal advice given could not resolve the issue at hand. A paralegal team will assist with the necessary phone calls, drafting of letters, e-mails, faxes and possibly sms’s and reviewing of legal documentation; and will intervene to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible
  • Representation (litigation expenses) - This occurs when the matter could not be resolved by the advice and mediation process and you now need to appear in court. Paralegals will ensure that your case is referred to an expert legal practitioner in your area that specialises in that particular area of the law 

Benefits to Policyholders:

  • Access to a number of professionals with many years of practical experience such as admitted attorneys, call centre operators, IT, recoveries experts and marketers
  • Immediate cover after payment of your premium
  • Protection that covers you, your spouse (including life partner) and dependent children (under 21, unmarried and unemployed) permanently resident with the main member
  • Electronic newsletter with advice and tips
  • Job related problems eg: unfair dismissal
  • Homeowner problems eg: defective building work
  • Motor Vehicle problems eg: guarantees or sub-standard repairs
  • Consumer related problems
  • Criminal charges brought against you or your family
  • Insurance related problems eg: non-payment of claims
  • Rental disputes
  • Tailor-made wording

This is only a guide. The full terms and conditions are contained in the policy wording.