Goods In Transit

goods in transit

Tailor-made for the transport sector, this product provides conventional cover for Goods In Transit at unconventional rates.

Imagine doing all of the hard work to secure a lucrative contract, only for goods in transit to be lost or damaged through no fault of your own, and the potential compensation and damages claims against you. If your cover is not up to date and comprehensive, the potential liability could have a profound impact on your business.

Of vital importance for all transit situations, this insurance will protect the transport contractor, transport broker or the owner of the goods in instances that can lead to massive financial losses should the correct cover not be in place at the time of the loss.

Our product will provide niche liability and insurance for the goods in transit sector as it is tailor-made to meet these specific requirements.

Covered Provided:

  • Conventional Goods in Transit cover for Transport Contractors
  • Transport Broker Contingent Cover
  • Conventional Goods in Transit cover for Owner Goods
  • Once off short period Risks
  • Basic Excess Reducer
  • Theft / Hijack Excess Reducer

Automatic Extensions:

  • Container Cover
  • Debris removal @ R30 000 Nil excess
  • Salvaging Costs @ R30 000 Nil excess
  • Tarps, nets, straps & chains @ R20 000 Nil excess
  • Temporary Storage for 72 hours

This is only a guide. The full terms and conditions are contained in the policy wording.