Our superior supplier network helps us to provide great service to our policy holders

  • How to become a supplier

    We want to provide a worldclass supplier network that will enhance our service offering to our policyholders.

    Four questions we ask are:
    Are our stakeholders needs being satified?
    Is the service or product offered value for money?
    Can we build a sustainable and continuing relationship?
  • Meet with all Regulatory requirements
    Adherence to industry regulations
    Industry and market-related fees that are fair
    Relevant insurances
    3 years of insurance associated experience and 3 years in your relevant industry
    A letter of good standing from the South African Revenue Service
    Qualified staff and relevant tools needed to deliver good service
  • Submitting an application does not mean that you will automatically become a preferred supplier
    Our preferred service providers are selected in terms of carefully calculated supply and demand selection criteria
    All cost incurred by applicants will be for their own expense

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